The Wool Parade


The Wool Parade is a choreography of objects inspired from the avant-garde parties and architectural theatre costumes from early Bauhaus. Ambiguous and peculiar forms appear in various compositions like marionettes in a parade. The objects display an irreverent, playful and bold combination of fabrics that you would associate with costume and theatre. On first encounter, the hollow volumes appear to be abstract geometric elements. Moving around the installation, the elements align momentarily, offering glimpses of sartorial characters in space.

Doshi Levien

The Wool Parade

Acclaimed design studio Doshi Levien has created a playful installation that combines Kvadrat textiles to highlight the unique qualities of wool. The Wool Parade consists of 12 upholstered objects, which are inspired by the avant-garde parties and architectural theatre costumes from the early Bauhaus period.

The objects have a peculiar and ambiguous form. Whilst each one has a very individual character, together they are reminiscent of marionettes in a parade: all are upholstered in an irreverent and bold combination of woollen fabrics, associated with costumes and the theatre: Hallingdal 65, Divina MD, Divina, Molly, Steelcut Trio, Remix and Willow.

The way these textiles have been used by Doshi Levien highlights some of the inherent characteristics of wool, which make it an ideal material for upholstery: beautiful colour richness, excellent elasticity and a taut, elegant expression.

The Wool Parade challenges perception: for instance, several of the objects include hollow volumes that initially appear to be abstract geometric elements. Furthermore, moving around the installation, they align momentarily, providing fleeting glimpses of sartorial characters in space.


Wool: a durable material that ages beautifully
Wool is a natural material from a renewable source and makes one of the best upholstery fabrics because of its excellent properties: it is naturally dirt resistant and non-flammable, as well as being very comfortable, thanks to its excellent breathability.

In addition, wool is also very long lasting and ages with grace, due to its excellent abrasion resistance and high elasticity. Moreover, wool is very easy to maintain because of its natural water repellent surface.

Kvadrat wool textiles
Quality certified ISO 9001 since 1992 and environmentally certified ISO 14001 since 1997, at Kvadrat we use the best quality materials and the latest technology to minimise the environmental impact of our textiles, as well as maximise their performance, durability and aesthetic excellence.

Our woollen textiles are made from the finest wool available, most of which comes from farms in New Zealand, and are mainly woven in England by expert craftsmen, who are recognised world-leaders in weaving technology.

Like all our products, our woollen textiles are designed with the environment in mind: every aspect of their production, from the farm to the mill, has been optimised to lessen the environmental impact.

For example, we only use biodegradable detergents and spinning-oils for scouring and spinning processes, and, as far as possible, always gather and recycle waste fibres. Furthermore, we also recycle coils from the coning process along with other packaging materials.

Reflecting our commitment to sustainable design and quality, many of our wool textiles have been awarded an EU Ecolabel, which is only given to products that meet strict environmental requirements and performance criteria.

Read more about our environmental policy

The designers

About Doshi Levien
Established in 2000 by Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi, London-based Doshi Levien is an internationally acclaimed design practice. Their work celebrates the hybrid and fuses cultural ideas, technologies, story telling, industrial design and fine craftsmanship.

To a certain extent, this approach has roots in the idea that globalisation provides an opportunity to enhance diversity and disrupt homogeneity.

Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi: “Our dream is to create work that celebrates an equal exchange and plurality of values, relating to different societies, material and visual cultures.”


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